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Cabbage and Pancetta Risotto

50 min

Take two saucepans. Pour Brisighella PDO Extra Virgin Olive Oil into both and sauté half the chopped onion in each until golden. Wash and slice the cabbage into thin strips, add to the first pan, cover, and let simmer over medium heat. Dice the pancetta and add to the second pan, and cook until crispy.
Add the rice to the pan with the pancetta, toast it, pour in the white wine and let it reduce. Moisten the rice with the vegetable stock and when it is half cooked add the stewed cabbage and complete the cooking of the risotto.
Remove from the heat and stir in the aged cheese and Brisighella PDO Extra Virgin Olive Oil until the risotto is creamy.
Serve hot, garnishing with strips of crispy pancetta and drizzle with raw Brisighella PDO Extra Virgin Olive Oil.