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PDO Lametia

In Piana di Lamezia, in the province of Catanzaro, olives cover broad tracts of territory from the coast to the internal areas, at times occupying uneven land. It is here that this valuable DOP extra virgin oil originates.

The olives of Piana di Lamezia, the Calabrian plain in the province of Catanzaro, are the most obvious and concrete sign of a habitat where light, heat and the paedoclimatic conditions are ideal for the spread of the plant. Here, in fact, the countryside hosts olive groves stretching from the coastal areas, to the internal ranges, which are often hilly. In this corner of Mediterranean Italy, olives push from sea level to an altitude of 600-700 meters, occupying impervious ground otherwise left uncultivated. As for the area of production for Piana di Lamezia oil, that has become Lametia DOP, it includes the communes of Curinga, Filadelfi to Francavilla Angitola, Lamezia Terme, Maida, San Pietro to Maida, Gizzeria, Feroleto Antico and Pianopoli, all in the province of Catanzaro.

The Carolea Variety of Olive

In Piana di Lametia, the tradition in olive oil production is distinguished by an ancient and native variety, Carolea, one of the most important cultivars of olive-growing in the region, and constitutes at least 90% of this oil.

Sensory Qualities

from green to straw yellow

delicately fruity

delicately fruity with tones of aromatic herbs and sweet almond


In Piana di Lamezia, also known as Piana di Sant’Eufemia, there are some mammoth and centuries-old olive trees that, precisely because of their enormous size, are called giants.

Some of them reach heights of 6-7 meters, almost as tall as oak trees, and are still fruiting after providing olives and special-quality oil for centuries.